Fort Worth Auto Injury Treatments & Pain Relief


A Fort Worth auto injury is a vital reason to seek Fort Worth chiropractic care. Even if no back pain, neck pain, migraine, headache or other Ft. Worth auto injury symptoms are immediately apparent following the accident, damage could have been done to the neck and spine. Back to Health Family Chiropractic can evaluate and diagnose any spinal misalignments and inconsistencies that may have resulted from an auto accident injury.

Our Fort Worth chiropractor can then assess which of our auto accident injury treatments will be most effective and beneficial for each particular patient. We offer some of the most advanced chiropractic treatments, including the Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting technique, and treat a wide range of conditions caused by spinal issues and auto injuries.

Drug-Free Pain Management for Neurological Disorders


Neuropathy is one of the most common health problems associated with neurological disorders. Neuropathy is a collection of disorders that occur when the peripheral nerves are damaged. This means that the nervous system does not work properly and it is unable to correctly send or receive messages between the brain and the rest of the body. Peripheral neuropathy may be damage to a single nerve or several nerves and is often triggered by disease or trauma to one part of the body. Symptoms of neurological dysfunction include unexplained tingling and burning sensations, extreme sensitivity to touch, lack of coordination, and unexplained muscle weakness.

A misalignment in the musculoskeletal system can negatively affect the body and may be an underlying cause for neurological disorders. Since bones do not protect the peripheral nervous system, it is at risk for damage following an accident injury. At Back to Health Family Chiropractic, helping the body truly heal begins by addressing the underlying health problem, rather than relying on medication to “cover up” the concern. If we believe a musculoskeletal disorder is triggering your neurological problem, chiropractic adjustments may be an effective treatment solution. Our goal is to promote internal healing whenever possible and accelerate a patient’s path back to wellness. Even in the case of chronic conditions, such as MS, chiropractic adjustments can still make a significant difference for our patients’ overall well-being.

If you are suffering from unexplained phantom pains, erectile dysfunction, digestive disorders or insomnia, a neurological disorder may be underlying this condition. Our Fort Worth Chiropractor, Dr. Michlin is trained to help identify potential neurological problems, as well as musculoskeletal problems, and work together to create a complementary treatment program. By focusing on the triggers for your pain, we are able to use alternative therapies rather than relying on medication. Chiropractic adjustments, especially the ATLAS orthogonal adjustment technique, are effective treatment solutions for neurological pain.

Whole body wellness care is also beneficial. For example, we offer health coaching, focusing on the four pillars of health and wellness to get our patients Back To Health 4 Life!

Our Fort Worth chiropractic and wellness team is committed to doing everything possible to naturally alleviate your pain and enable you to live a healthy, active life. To learn more, contact us at 817-810-9111.

Neurological Dysfunction: How Chiropractic Care Can Help


Are you suffering from phantom pains, numbness, recurring migraines or other pain conditions that seemingly have no mechanical explanation? Are you searching for an effective treatment following a recent Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis? Neurological disorders may be affecting your body’s overall health and triggering these problems. In addition to phantom pains and MS, neurological problems are also associated with insomnia, neuropathy, numbness, digestive disorders and host of other health problems.

At Back to Health Family Chiropractic, our Fort Worth chiropractic and wellness team takes these health concerns very seriously. We are committed to helping patients manage their symptoms through noninvasive, drug-free treatments.

Fort Worth Natural Headache Relief


Are you seeking natural relief for headaches? Nearly everybody will suffer a tension headache at some point, and millions of people struggle with debilitating migraines that literally put their lives on hold from the extreme pain and nausea. People who struggle with chronic headache problems are frustrated with painkillers, and rightfully so: they only cover up the pain temporarily without actually dealing with the underlying problem causing the headaches. Here at Back To Health Family Chiropractic in Fort Worth, we have helped hundreds of headache sufferers find natural headache relief that lasts. The Atlas Orthogonal specific upper cervical adjustment is a specialized chiropractic procedure. We have seen great results in reducing the severity and frequency of headaches and migraines—and it often stops them from coming back altogether.

Natural Relief for Headaches in Fort Worth: Solving the Root of the Problem

Our Fort Worth natural relief for headaches is giving people their lives back. The reason is that we do not simply use painkillers to mask the symptoms of the headache. We use natural, non-invasive and drug-free chiropractic headache treatment. This treatment, which starts by addressing misalignment in the very top vertebra at the base of the skull (the Atlas), actually solves the underlying causes of the headaches and migraines. Our treatment is also unique in the area—so unique and effective that we have patients who travel from hundreds of miles away to get this natural relief for headaches.

Headaches can come from any number of sources: excessive stress, an injury such as whiplash, long-term poor posture issues, and even poor nutrition. Dr. Michlin spends time getting to know each patient so he can understand the underlying reasons for the pain. Once he understands where you are coming from, he will tailor an individual headache relief plan for you. This usually involves addressing the pain from several angles.

The first and most critical angle is your spinal alignment as this has an enormous impact on headaches and migraines and your overall health in general. Dr. Michlin will examine your spine to find out where any vertebrae are out of alignment and pinching nerves. He pays particular attention to the Atlas vertebra at the base of your skull. If your skull is not sitting directly and evenly on top of this vertebra, critical nerves are being pinched that very often lead to severe headaches and migraines. The realignment process, Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Adjusting Technique, is incredibly gentle and painless, and yet highly effective and has been featured in news media across the country for its revolutionary effectiveness in headache and migraine relief and prevention.

Dr. Michlin and Certified Health Coach Nancy Michlin will also recommend lifestyle and nutritional changes that can help with prevention and natural relief from headaches. We know that certain foods (aged cheeses, alcohol, caffeine, additives and preservatives in processed foods especially) can trigger migraines, so we work to develop nutritional interventions that can make you feel better from head to toe.

For natural relief for headaches and migraines, please call us today at 817-810-9111 for an appointment!

Fort Worth Chiropractor Eliminates Lower Back Pain and Sciatica


Lower back pain and sciatica are two common pain conditions that can have a serious and detrimental impact on your quality of life. From cleaning up the house to playing with our kids, this type of personal injury can wreak havoc on our ability to complete ordinary activities. Our Fort Worth chiropractor and Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist Dr. Chris Michlin does more than just sympathize with our patients’ pain. As a sciatica sufferer himself, Dr. Michlin understands just how frustrating and debilitating this pain can truly be.

Rather than waiting until pain strikes, Dr. Michlin finds that a proactive approach to pain relief helps to stop pain from happening in the first place. Now, he no longer experiences painful sciatica episodes. As the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in North Texas and Fort Worth, Dr.  Chris Michlin has helped hundreds of patients stop living with lower back pain or sciatica and return to wellness.

While sciatica pain and lower back pain are two separate pain conditions, they are both linked to incorrect spinal alignment. Dr. Michlin Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are a safe and effective treatment technique for correcting spinal alignment without the need for medication or surgery.

Atlas Orthogonal adjustments treat the root cause for your pain and improve all aspects of your health.

Fort Worth Chiropractor Treats Neck Pain and Upper Back Pain


Neck pain and upper back pain is not something anyone should have to endure – and no one does once they visit Back to Health Family Chiropractic. Our Fort Worth chiropractor employs a number of chiropractic techniques that not only alleviate neck pain, upper back pain, headache, migraine and face pain, but also correct the issue that is causing the pain. As the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in the North Texas region, Dr. Michlin‘s patients get great relief from conditions such as sciatica, scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, Chiari Malformation Syndrome, auto injury, fibromyalgia, blood pressure and other conditions that can increase and cause duress.

Back Pain and Neck Pain are Often Indicative of
Other Spinal Conditions

Upper back pain and neck pain, headaches, and migraines can erupt suddenly or develop over a longer period. In either case, pain is one of the last indications that something is amiss beneath the surface. Immediate pain often erupts from whiplash or an auto injury, although whiplash symptoms may take months to develop. Other causes of upper back pain and neck pain include chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, Chiari Malformation Syndrome, multiple sclerosis and scoliosis, or conditions such as sciatica which are often caused by an underlying misalignment.

Phase 2: Corrective Care


Teaming Up for Optimal Health

Most chiropractors regard the elimination of symptoms as the easiest part of a persons care. If all that the chiropractor does is to reduce the pain and stop there, the chances of the condition recurring are much greater. In order to prevent a rapid recurrence of symptoms, it is necessary to continue receiving care even though your symptoms are gone.

During the correction / restorative phase of your care, you will not have to receive adjustments as often as you did during the first phase of care and, depending on your particular circumstances, you may begin doing exercises and stretches either at the center or at home to help accelerate your healing.

Do not be discouraged if you have mild flare-ups in your symptoms on occasion. This is normal. Flare-ups are bound to occur during this phase because your body has not fully healed. Depending on the severity of your injury or condition and how long you have been suffering from it, this phase of your care may last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.

Phase 1: Relief Care


Many people go to a chiropractor because they are in pain. In this first phase of care, the main goal is to reduce your symptoms. Sometimes this will require daily visits, or two to three visits per week for a time.

Most people are under the assumption that if they don’t feel any pain that there is nothing wrong with them – that they are healthy. Unfortunately, pain is a very poor indicator of health. In fact, pain and other symptoms frequently only appear after a disease or other condition has become advanced.

For example, consider a cavity in your tooth. Does it hurt when it first develops or only after it has become serious? How about heart disease? Regardless of whether you are talking about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stress or problems with the spine, pain is usually the last thing to appear. When you begin chiropractic care, pain is also the first symptom to disappear, even though much of the underlying condition remains.

Palmer Package, Includes Gonstead, Thompson Drop, and Derefield Leg Check, Webster’s, Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT)


An entire system of chiropractic care called the Palmer Package is also part of our chiropractor’s services. Originating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Palmer Package techniques include use of the Thompson Drop, a special table with sections that drop down to minimize the energy required for a spinal adjustment and decompression. Treatments include the Derefield Leg Check Analysis, which involves raising the legs to gauge the alignment of the vertebrae.

Activator Method

The activator method is another mode of treatment our Fort Worth chiropractor uses. A special instrument called the activator applies a gentle force to the affected area and adjust the spine. Even the slightest misalignments can eventually lead to the appearance of differing leg lengths, face pain, headache, migraine, and abnormal blood pressure.

Cox Flexion-Distraction Method

Another effective treatment in our Fort Worth center is the Cox Flexion Distraction method, which is a combination of decompression and adjustments that opens the space between the discs and therefore alleviates pressure on the nerves. Sciatica, auto injury, and fibromyalgia are often treated with this method.

For more information about our treatment methods for relieving headaches, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, sciatica and more, please contact us at (817) 900-8258 today.

Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments


Spinal misalignment – and pain – is often caused by the improper position of the Atlas vertebra, the upper cervical vertebra that supports the head. If this upper cervical vertebra is even slightly out of position, it can cause the rest of the spine to misalign as well as lead to migraines, headaches, and sciatica. The Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument restores the Atlas vertebra to its neutral or orthogonal position through a gentle and very specific adjustment.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic care comes from many years of clinical research pointing to the fact that much of the problem associated with spinal misalignment and its consequences can be associated with the atlas vertebra, the top cervical bone in the neck. This one bone can affect the alignment of the entire spine. The spine is like a chain-when the first link is twisted and turned, each link down to the last turns-thereby disrupting the rest of the chain. Consider the Atlas the first, and therefore the most important link in that chain.

The human body is balanced when the head is positioned in the center of the feet. When the atlas is misaligned it causes the head to tilt. The spine then shifts to support the weight of the head, thereby creating biomechanical and postural stresses and strains. When the atlas bone is properly aligned, that is in the orthogonal or neutral-position, the rest of the spinal vertebra come into better alignment allowing the body to heal itself. The delicate and complex connections of the nervous system allow communication between the systems of the body.