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What is Torticollis in the Neck?



Neck pain, reducing mobility and neck muscle spasms are symptoms of acute Torticollis. This neck injury is typically caused by a trauma to the cervical spine or upper body that impacts how the head twists.

Depending on the injury, patients with torticollis may experience one or more of the following:

  • Laterocollis: Head tipping toward the shoulder
  • Rotational torticollis: Head rotating along the longitudinal axis
  • Anterocollis: Flexing the head and neck forward
  • Retrocollis: Hyperextension of head and neck backward

These unnatural cervical spine rotations and muscle spasms can be painful and frustrating. Conventional medical care for neck pain in Fort Worth relies on pain medications or muscle relaxants. Unfortunately, this approach only “covers up” pain symptoms. Medication alone cannot address the root cause of neck pain or neck spasms.

Drug-Free Treatment for Fort Worth Neck Pain

As the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in North Texas, at Back To Health Family Chiropractic, Dr. Chris Michlin uses atlas orthogonal adjustments for immediate, dramatic neck and back pain relief. Dr. Michlin also incorporates an entire system of chiropractic care called Palmer Package to safely and effectively address full spine care.

Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are designed to restore correct alignment to the spine, starting with the Atlas vertebra. The Atlas vertebra is at the top of the spine. Similar to a chain, if the top link is out of alignment, then the entire chain will be adversely affected. This means patients with cervical pain may also experience other pain or discomfort in the body due to nerve interference. Bring the Atlas vertebra back into alignment positively impacts the entire spinal column. For patients with neck pain and muscle spasms, Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are an effective approach for addressing these symptoms without the need for medication.

Neck Pain in Fort Worth? Back To Health Chiropractic Can Help: Call 817-810-9111

Acute Torticollis can negatively impact your life. Relying on medication for pain management is not a solution. This only “covers up” your symptoms in the short term. Atlas Orthogonal adjustments and full spine chiropractic address and eliminate this pain so you can get back to living an active life.


Jumpstart a Healthier Life Today: 3 Benefits of NutriSync

Are you frustrated with weight loss plans that promise big results but fail to deliver? Do you feel like you’re constantly hopping between fad diets and not sure if you’re actually giving your body the nutrition it needs to be healthy? Between the latest health food craze and fitness trends, it can be difficult to cut through all the hype and actually figure out what works for your body. At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, we believe that it’s time for a new, better way to lose weight, eat healthy and live an active lifestyle. That’s why we are excited to offer Standard Process’ NutriSync, a Genetic Nutrition and Fitness Assessment.

Unlock Your Genetic Potential with a Custom NutriSync Assessment

Scientists, genomic nutritionists and fitness professionals developed NutriSync to unlock your genetic potential for optimal health. Here’s what to expect:

#1: Make smart food choices for your body. Did you know that specific nutrients may also impact genetic expression? This gives a whole new meaning to the term, “you are what you eat.” NutriSync was created to determine the specific nutrients that are necessary for your body. This system can help you achieve a more balanced diet that’s right for your wellness needs so you can nourish your body with the healthy whole foods you need for optimal performance and weight loss. Your action plan will include an assessment of 45 wellness-focused genetic variations.

#2: Exercise for your body. Kinesiology genetics is the study of how exercise affects our genetic expression and how genes can be turned on and off with different fitness patterns. The NutriSync Assessment includes an evaluation of your genetic strengths and weaknesses in relation to your body’s fitness potential. Using information from your assessment, you can tailor your exercise program to maximize the benefits of your workouts. You will receive a tailored analysis of 24 daily dietary and lifestyle habits.

#3: Custom results just for you. NutriSync is the opposite of a “one-size-fits-all” diet and fitness plan. With fully customized recommendations, you can be sure that you’re eating the right foods and exercising the right way for your body’s needs. Your results will be an easy-to-read summary of each genetic variation measured.

Keeping the Spring Allergens at Bay Without Allergy Medications



Spring and summer commonly brings a nasty onslaught of allergic reactions and cold-like symptoms. If you are struggling with a snotty nose, itchy eyes,  skin rashes or headaches, then you might have allergies. Allergies are common, with the AAAAI (American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology) reporting 40-50 percent of school-aged children struggle with one or more general allergens. It has been estimated that the annual cost of allergies in the U.S. cost the health care system $7.9 billion.

What are Allergies?

Allergic reactions occur when your body believes common allergen particles (such as pollen or dust) are more than just a nascence and starts waging a war against them. Your body overreacts, because it is incorrectly diagnosing the problem. Allergies might stem from foods or environment, and the body may be able to be retrained to accept them as no threat with the right treatments.

How Can a Chiropractor Help My Allergies?

It’s important to first understand that chiropractic therapy is good for your entire body. The work done helps open up the nerve and vein passageways, increasing the flow of blood and nutrients and reducing inflammation and irritation. By adjusting the spine and relaxing the muscles, your body will be able to focus on health and balance.

Nerves directly affect the immune system and our hands-on approach is based on the belief that all systems stem back to the spine as the hub or central station. Spinal manipulations reduce the stress placed on the nervous system and help lessen your symptoms with a healthy immune system.

Why Not Just Take Meds?

We know drugs seem like the easy answer, but we also know how dangerous the side effects can be. When drugs are masking the problem, then your body cannot communicate its reactions. It is comparable to blindfolding your guide. When allergy medications open your airways, so you can breathe, they also let in the substances to which you are allergic. When you go off of the medications, you can feel worse as your body tries to get the allergens out of your system. Allergy medications could also lead to serious problems in the future, harming your liver, kidney, heart and more.

Are allergies driving you crazy? Tell us what you are allergic to in the comments below and what natural remedies you use to keep the allergens at bay. Ask how our Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments might help with your neck pain, shoulder pain or headaches!

3 Ways Chiropractic Care Improves Men’s Health



In June we celebrated “Men’s Health Month” here at Back To Health Family Chiropractic with a special focus on how chiropractic wellness exams for our patients. Just because June is over doesn’t mean our commitment to men’s health awareness has ended.

At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, our philosophy is simple: by keeping the spine properly aligned, the body can operate in a state of harmony and wellness. The end result: fewer injuries, less pain, and more energy to live life to the fullest.

Below, our Fort Worth chiropractor shares three ways that regular chiropractic care can make a difference for men’s health:

  1. Alleviate and eliminate pain. Does your back feel sore after a long day in the office? Do you feel stiff when you wake up in the morning? For decades, men have been told that pain, soreness and stiffness are simply common side effects to aging. At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, we know differently. Pain, for example, is a symptom that your spine is incorrectly aligned. A misaligned spine can affect the central nervous system’s ability to send and receive messages between the brain and the body’s organs. This increases your risk for pain, injury and illness. Regular adjustments are critical to supporting proper spinal alignment and whole body health.
  2. Reduce the risk for common male health problems, including colon cancer and erectile dysfunction. Chiropractic wellness care for men is more than just alleviating and eliminating pain. A misaligned spine and poor nutrition sets the stage for a host of health problems. By working closely with our patients, we enhance their overall health and reduce the risk for common male health problems like erectile dysfunction, incontinence and colon cancer.
  3. Heal faster after sports injuries. Whether you sustained an injury while running, golfing, playing tennis, or a pick-up game of basketball, chiropractic care supports the body’s natural recovery process after injury so you can get off the sidelines and back in the game.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Michlin, uses modern, innovative chiropractic techniques, including Atlas adjustments, and nutritional counseling to treat each patient’s unique health needs.

5 Tips for a Fun, Safe and Healthy Fall



As we enter the prime days of fall, it’s tempting to let healthy habits slide. However, it is always critical to be mindful of your health.

Fall Health Tips from Dr. Chris & Nancy Michlin

Follow these tips from Dr. Chris Michlin and Certified Health Coach Nancy Michlin to stay healthy and have fun all year long:

  1. Practice sun safety. Here in Fort Worth, we know the fall sun can still be a real scorcher. Whether you’re biking on the trails or taking a walk through the neighborhood, protect your skin from harsh UV rays with a sunscreen rated SPF 15 or higher. Avoid extended midday exposure (between 10 am and 4pm when the sun’s rays are strongest) and reapply after swimming. Sunshine vitamin D may protect against a host of diseases such as heart disease, and breast and prostate cancers.  Experts agree that going outside for30 minutes in the midday sun will produce enough Vitamin D in your body for the day. Be mindful of your health and your own body, and do not go out into the sun more than needed.
  2. Eat organic. Processed foods can make you feel tired and sluggish. Skip genetically modified foods at the grocery store and visit a local farmer’s market for seasonal fresh fruits and veggies like peaches, berries, zucchini and heirloom tomatoes.
  3. Stay active. Heat any time of year can wreak havoc on your usual workout routine; it can be hard to find the motivation to go for a run when it’s 90 degrees outside! Beat the heat by getting up early to run, go for a walk in the neighborhood, or take the kids hiking.
  4. Maintain proper spinal alignment. Your spine is the body’s foundation. When it is correctly aligned, your entire body can function in a state of harmony and wellness. Atlas adjustments start with the top vertebrae in the spine, the top “link” in the spinal column, and restoring correct alignment from the top down.
  5. Safely manage stress. Between hectic family vacations, shuttling the kids to and from after-school activities, and hosting out-of-town guests, back-to-school schedules can be pretty stressful. Consider adding a hatha yoga class to your weekly exercise routine to improve your mind-body connection and naturally reduce stress. No time for a weekly yoga class? Practice meditation- which can be done anywhere, anytime.

Revitalize Your Sports Performance with Chiropractic Care



Professional athletes know the body performs best in peak condition, attained through training and nutrition, but not all understand the direct correlation between the spine’s alignment and athletic performance. Regardless of hours spent at the gym, a slight misalignment of the spine can mean the difference between making or missing the winning shot. The brain controls every cell and muscle movement. For the body to perform at an optimal level, the brain needs to communicate freely with the body. Spinal misalignments, especially of the atlas vertebra, block nerves and slow commands sent through the nervous system, putting ideal performance out of reach.

Achieve More with Our Fort Worth Chiropractor

Our Fort Worth chiropractor at Back To Health Family Chiropractic, Dr. Chris Michlin, helps athletes reach their goals with the atlas orthogonal technique. Atlas orthogonal treatment refers to the adjustment of the atlas, the top-most vertebra, which supports the head. The atlas normally sits at a 90 degree angle to the head, but can become tilted or misaligned due to sports injuries and minor traumas like poor posture. When the atlas loses proper alignment, the rest of the body compensates, leading to pain and hindered performance. Using gentle atlas orthogonal adjustments, our chiropractor helps athletes revitalize performance and do more than ever before.

Take for example, an extraordinary story and role model – Dr. Misty Pope. Misty is a state champion in forms and sparring who took a kick to the head. Her performance declined, and she experienced dizziness, headaches, and could not compete. She flew to Fort Worth from New Orleans and placed her trust in Dr. Chris Michlin for atlas orthogonal adjustments. After chiropractic treatment and six months of rehabilitative yoga and Pilates, Misty returned to the ring, winning first, second, and third place in weapons, forms, and sparring. With atlas orthogonal adjustments she out-performed herself, and she achieved first place in weapons worldwide!

Each day, Dr. Michlin helps professional athletes revitalize their sports performance with atlas orthogonal. Get on top of your game and call our office for an atlas orthogonal adjustment today!

In which sports has chiropractic care helped you excel? Share your story in the comments below.

Start School Strong: Chiropractic Care for Your Children



The end of summer means the start of a new school year – is your child ready to start the year strong? From carrying heavy backpacks to getting injured while playing team sports, active school-aged children are increasingly at risk for musculoskeletal injuries. Our Fort Worth chiropractic care and wellness team Dr. Chris and Nancy Michlin provide innovative chiropractic treatments tailored to each patient’s unique health needs. Did you know that treatments like atlas orthogonal adjustments are safe and effective for school-aged children, too?

Fort Worth Pediatric Chiropractic Care Benefits

Helping your child grow into a healthy, active adult starts with the right supportive care in childhood. Here’s how pediatric chiropractic care from Back To Health Family Chiropractic can make a difference for you children!

Treat musculoskeletal injuries. Falling down and getting knocked around while playing team sports like soccer or football is a fact of life for most active children. However, while children may seem to bounce back very quickly after an injury, in truth, the internal recovery process can take much longer. A spinal misalignment from a sports injury could affect your child’s healthy, natural development for years to come. For example, spinal misalignments can interfere with optimal nervous system activity and impact the brain’s ability to communicate with the body. Maintaining proper spinal alignment is essential for your child’s health.

Support correct posture. Is your child’s backpack weighing him or her down? Overweight backpacks can cause a host of health problems for children, including poor posture. Your child may lean forward in an attempt to better support the weight, which can lead to hunched shoulders, neck strain, lower back strain, and recurring pain. While reducing the amount of weight that your child carries is important, so too is supporting correcting spinal alignment. Atlas orthogonal adjustments correct the top bone (the atlas bone). This brings alignment back to the entire spine, much like aligning a chain. Correct alignment supports proper posture and reduces the risk for chronic pain.

Could your child benefit from chiropractic care? Contact our Fort Worth family chiropractor today for more information on pediatric care.

4 Steps to Build a Natural Defense against the Cold & Flu

As we get ready to welcome the upcoming holiday season, we’re also ringing in the cold and flu season, too. Unfortunately, many of us wait until the onset of cold and flu symptoms to even start thinking about building up our body’s natural defense. That’s too late! Don’t wait until you’re already sick to take action; now is the time to mount a strong defense to stay healthy all winter long.

Stop Colds & the Flu: Build Your Defense Now!

Our chiropractor Dr. Chris Michlin and Certified Health Coach Nancy Michlin recommend the following steps to build a stronger immune system:

  1. Boost natural immunity. A healthy immune system is closely connected with a healthy nervous system and musculoskeletal system. Misalignments in the spine can adversely impact your nervous system’s ability to communicate between the brain and organs, in addition to weakening your immune system. Atlas and full spine chiropractic adjustments not only bring correct alignment to the entire spine, they also support proper functioning of the whole body.
  2. Eat a balanced diet. Resist the temptation to overindulge this holiday season and instead boost your natural immunity with a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, garlic, onions, minerals like zinc, and herbs like Echinacea. During the winter months, garlic is an excellent ingredient to add to soups, stews and sauces. Garlic has been used for more than 5,000 years for it natural antibiotic properties and general immunity.
  3. Wash your hands with the right soap. Dr. Michlin and Nancy Michlin use Dr. Bronner’s All-One soap for regular hand washing in addition to all-purpose cleaning. Dr. Bronner’s soaps are made from natural, sustainably sourced ingredients for safe, effective cleaning. Antibacterial soaps break down your immune system instead of enhancing it. Washing your hands is a great way to avoid sickness, just make sure you use natural soaps!
  4. Be smart about stress management. Stress weakens the immune system, leaving you more susceptible to the cold and flu. If you are feeling overwhelmed this holiday season, our certified health coach Nancy Michlin can help. Our sister company, Back To Health 4 Life!, helps patients effectively manage stress as part of our comprehensive  Get On B.A.S.E.! (Breathe! Act! Eat! Smile!) wellness coaching program.

For more information on how to strengthen your natural immunity, contact the Back To Health Family Chiropractic team today!

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Manage High Blood Pressure



Have you recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure? Our Fort Worth chiropractor Dr. Chris Michlin and certified Health Coach Nancy Michlin offer a safe, effective alternative to traditional blood pressure management. Typically, patients with high blood pressure are told by their doctor to take medication. At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, our Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist Dr. Michlin offers an alternative approach that manages high blood pressure naturally.

The Dangers of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure damages the arteries, increasing the risk for coronary artery diseases, an enlarged left heart, and heart failure. High blood pressure can also damage the brain and kidneys, increasing the risk for a host of serious health problems including stroke, dementia, and kidney failure. High blood pressure can also indirectly impact other areas of your life, contributing to issues like erectile dysfunction in men. Maintaining a normal blood pressure helps you life a longer, healthier and more active life.

Further reading on the dangers of high blood pressure from Mayo Clinic: High Blood Pressure (hypertension).

Fort Worth Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist Manages High Blood Pressure

Dr. Michlin is the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in North Texas. The specialized Atlas Orthogonal adjustment is a safe, effective drug-free option for regulating high blood pressure. The atlas vertebrae is the top vertebrae of the cervical spine. Adjusting the atlas vertebrae brings the entire spine into alignment and improves communication between the brain and the body. Atlas orthogonal adjustments from our Forth Worth chiropractor Dr. Michlin can help regulate high blood pressure and support overall health.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling Nourishes Wellness from Within

At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, we follow a holistic approach to whole body health. We look at all lifestyle choices, including nutrition, exercise, meditation, and stress reduction, as opportunities for enhancing health and reducing blood pressure.  Nancy Michlin’s health coaching is a natural complement to chiropractic care. Fort Worth Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist Dr. Michlin and Nancy work closely together to ensure seamless care for our patients.

Live Your Best Life:  Visit Back To Health Family Chiropractic

High blood pressure is a symptom of bigger health problems in your body. Dr. Michlin and Nancy Michlin can help you take control of your blood pressure and your overall health. Call us today to schedule your personal consultation.

Effective Fibromyalgia Treatment Must Address the Root Cause for Pain



Fibromyalgia is a challenging health disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, memory difficulties, and mood imbalances. One of the most frustrating aspects of fibromyalgia is how mysterious this condition can seem. Symptoms can seemingly appear out of nowhere. Sometimes symptoms follow a period of physical trauma, infection or psychological stress. In other cases, there is no single trigger. Many patients who come to us are feeling hopeless: they are on multiple medications that provide little real relief, they feel chronically exhausted, and their bodies ache so much their quality of life has been compromised.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, do not lose hope. Fort Worth chiropractic care can make a difference for your health, providing real pain relief and empowering wellness from within.

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Starts with Nerve Interference Removal and Whole Body Care

At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, our Fort Worth chiropractor believes that a holistic approach to fibromyalgia treatment delivers the best possible results for patients. Dr. Chris Michlin and certified health coach Nancy Michlin provide complementary services that together address the root cause for pain and support whole body health from within.

Our approach to care begins with gentle chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Michlin is the only Fort Worth and North Texas chiropractor who is board certified to provide Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, a specialized adjustment that brings alignment to the top of the vertebra chain. Neurological interference at the base of the skull and brain stem is an underlying trigger for many fibromyalgia symptoms. While chiropractic care cannot “cure” fibromyalgia, Atlas Orthogonal adjustments can remove the neurological interference that is intensifying a patient’s pain. Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are unique suited to addressing underlying nerve interference and supporting whole body health from within.

Our Approach to Care: Removing Nerve Interference & Enhancing Whole Body Health

Atlas Orthogonal adjustments form the cornerstone of our fibromyalgia treatment plans. Additionally, we do encourage the integration of complementary wellness care services. Regular spinal care paves the road to good health. Nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice from health coach Nancy Michlin will help keep patients continuing down the road to good health. Our number one mission is to alleviate your pain and help you live a healthy, active life!